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"Homelessness can generally be attributed to one or more of the five life issues: addiction, alcoholism, finances, relationships, and mental illness.


Where society may judge those who are homeless, we should not. We should come alongside and help anyone start a new, healthy journey to recovery."


             -Bob Sweeney, America's           Homeless Expert

National Homeless Statistics
  • 1.7 Million in the U.S. are homeless.
  • 36% of the U.S. Homeless is comprised of families.
  • 22% are woman who claim domestic violence as their reason for homelessness.
  • 32% of people in a soup kitchen line are children.
  • 22% of homeless are currently working.
  • 41% of homeless have medical problems.
  • 51% of homeless have a history of substance abuse.
  • 60% of homeless suffer form mental illness.
  • 59% of homeless are ex-offenders.
Dallas Homeless Needs

Homeless men and women were asked what they needed most and here is how they responded:


  • 27% Permanent housing
  • 30% Medical & dental care.
  • 23% Transportation
  • 32% Employment
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